Academy Fees

& Information


Teacher Bios

  • 14 weeks each semester

  • No parental volunteer hours required!

  • Tutors will be providing a syllabus, grading work, and issuing a class grade at the end of the year.

  • There is an option to Audit a class with the expectation that no work will be completed and no grade given.

  • Academy is all volunteer! We aim to keep costs low and affordable, and the only people getting paid are the tutors! 

  • Academy costs are less than similar programs offered in the Tulsa area, and we hope to keep it that way!

Curriculum Standards

All curriculum choices can be seen on the class descriptions for each class. Book rental fees are charged for most books that Aspire will purchase and reuse. This will save families a considerable amount on curriculum costs and allow Aspire to invest in solid curriculum for the Academy Program.

Much research went into this, decisions were based on:

☑️ Overall cost for co-op and parents
☑️ Reviews on curriculum from many different sources
☑️ OK state standards
☑️ Christian worldview curriculum choices of different private and/or college prep programs 
☑️ Avg testing scores (especially HS) resulting from programs using this curriculum
☑️ Our model. Teaching 1-2 days and doing work (having enough work) the other 3-4 days each week... it’s unique!

We hope you will find them adequate and competitive with other programs!


You'll notice trees as our group theme. This is no accident! *Psalm 1:1-3* 

We ASPIRE to walk with you and support you in every way possible with grace and guidance so that your family tree produces every good fruit of the spirit. 

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