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For many families, the costs and obligations related to homeschooling are simply too high and burdensome. Some parents don’t have the confidence in their own abilities to teach every subject to their children, while others cannot devote themselves to homeschooling on a full-time basis. Some homeschooling families want their children to socialize with other children, be accountable to someone else, and simply learn how to get along with others in a classroom setting. Aspire Academy was launched in 2018 to meet these exact needs.


Aspire Academy is a blended model that offers weekly and biweekly academic and core elective classes for families that choose to school their children at home. Our classes are full curriculum classes that partner with parents to fill any academic need they may have, and can be added to any transcript. In this blended model, parents are able to remain involved in their children’s education without relinquishing all control to an educational institution. In fact, for this model to be successful, parent involvement at home is key and highly encouraged. Our tutors are professional, passionate, and committed to offering you the best support we have to give. Tutors present core information and instruction on each class day, and assign an average of 30-45 minutes of homework per weekday for the remainder of the week. This allows the parent to simply reinforce studies at home and motivate students to complete their homework. Our tutors will issue a grade at the end of the year, but parents are responsible for recording that grade at home for the students homeschooling transcript. Parents remain the ultimate authority in our model, and can choose for their student to simply audit a class if they so desire. On class days, we also offer a drop-off option for our Little Roots Pre-K program, and a Mother's Day Out option for 0-3 for moms who just need a full day to themselves.


Our Academy is different from our Elective Cooperative option in which parents are required to be on campus and volunteer together to utilize their gifts, talents, and abilities in the instruction of the children of that group. While our Elective co-op option is a wonderful, fun, social and educational venue for families, our Academy is taught by paid professional tutors in an academic instructional environment. Academy provides services expected from an educational institution, and there is no requirement for parents to volunteer or to stay with their child at the campus.


At Aspire Academy, we desire to keep costs as low as possible for families by offering a'la'carte classes, fundraising opportunities throughout the year, and a payment plan in which Academy costs can be broke down into 3 payments. Aspire is a non-profit organization, and our staff is all volunteer. Tuition goes to cover tutor costs, tutor curriculum, supplies, and building fees - making it one of the most affordable and flexible academic options in the Tulsa metro area. Discounts are available for volunteer staff positions.


We are located inside Eastwood Baptist Church on 11th just West of Mingo in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Eastwood is centrally located and offers three stories of classroom space, making it the ideal location for our blended model Academy.

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You'll notice trees as our group theme. This is no accident! *Psalm 1:1-3* 

We ASPIRE to walk with you and support you in every way possible with grace and guidance so that your family tree produces every good fruit of the spirit. 

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