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Aspiring Hands

Aspiring Hands is an arm of The Aspire Group that focuses on programs that put the heart into homeschooling and truly assists parents in raising kids that look at the world around them and ask, "How can I make a difference for good and God?"

Aspire has always served the community around us in many ways, but now we are taking it a step further.  We will have opportunities for families and students to be a part of a formal Community Service program.  Families can draw closer through serving others together. Students can move outside of themselves in an effort to serve others, all the while banking Community Service hours for their resumes and college applications.

The Aspiring Hands Team will be looking at ways we can join our partner churches and other mission organizations in the work God has called them and us to do!


Do you know a family that needs homeschool resources at free or reduced costs?  Please reach out to the Aspiring Hands Team with your requests.  We are in the process of building an online community to share these valuable resources.

Are you a part of a small homeschool group or cooperative and could use some advisory services or help with technology and organization?  Give us a call.  The Lord has blessed us with skill sets and resources, and we want to bless other groups in the same way!

Member Requirements for

Aspiring Hands Participation

To be a part of the Aspiring Hands Program, each Member Family must adhere to the following:

  • Choose the Aspiring Hands option on the Member Family Registration Form

  • Be a fully vetted Aspire Member Family (all background checks passed, important docs signed, yearly fees paid)

  • Be thinking about the level of commitment for your Family and/or Teen in these areas, that will be requested information

  • For some Service projects, there may be a nominal fee or donation.

  • The Aspiring Hands Team will add you to their private Communication Group for more instructions on plugging into this program.

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