SHRUBS (Kindergarten - Age 5)

Shrubs are our Kindergarten aged children. A child must be 5 years old and potty trained to be a part of the Shrubs program.


The Shrubs will participate in several different types of learning throughout the day. They follow the same general schedule as our older students but have the freedom to be flexible as they are not part of the main class rotation.


The Shrubs will have 5 core classes: Fitness, Art, Music, Centers and another elective, as well as a relaxed lunchtime. Below is a summary of what can be expected out of each core class.


Fitness: This class varies from a PE Basics class to a Dance Fitness class and everything in between.  We will be introducing our 5 year old children to the fun of exercising. We will focus on gross motor building activities, cardiovascular health, stretching and learning different muscle groups, and last but not least, teamwork. This high-energy class is sure to leave your child feeling like a champ inside and out!


Music: Shrubs will have the opportunity to explore music through games, songs, movement and rhythm. This will help develop their social skills, motor skills, language and memory skills. They will learn sharing, creativity, self-expression and so much more.


Centers: The Centers class will consist of many different activities to stimulate learning and imagination including: Learning days of the week/months of the year, dramatic play and dress up, play-doh & puzzles, alphabet and color activities, sorting and counting, and sensory tables.


Art: Our art class will be a variety of art crafts and projects all designed to keep their hands busy! Shrubs will work with different mediums to reinforce fine motor skills and sensory play.


Other Elective: Each year our Shrub teachers come up with fantastic, fun, elective classes such as Science Experiments, Learning About our World, etc.


The end of the day will be focused on winding down, quiet reflection and play.


Materials: Provided


Fees: $10 Supply Fee per semester


You'll notice trees as our group theme. This is no accident! *Psalm 1:1-3* 

We ASPIRE to walk with you and support you in every way possible with grace and guidance so that your family tree produces every good fruit of the spirit. 

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