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Student Commitment

Student Commiment

As a Student of The Aspire Group, I agree to: 


Arrive on time and listen attentively to assembly, presentations, study, etc.

Bring appropriate materials to Class Days, such as pencils, paper, backpack, etc.

If participating in a Class Day, I will complete homework assignments/projects on time.

Follow all rules for using the facility such as: not running outside the gym floor, using indoor voices, wiping feet at the door, no feet on tables, no chewing gum, taking good care of all equipment, etc.

Be respectful of the facilities by not leaving messes in the bathrooms, picking up trash if I see it, and telling a parent volunteer if I notice something damaged.

Help with facility cleanup.

Address adults as Mr. or Mrs. and be respectful and obedient to all adults, particularly in the classroom setting.

If involved in the Class Day, I will participate in class discussions.

Stay in appropriate assigned area for the Class Day or Event – no wandering inside or outside the building without adult supervision.

Treat other students with kindness and respect.

Make all students feel welcome to our group.

Refrain from name-calling, shoving, hitting, and kicking – not even in “fun.” Best practice is to keep your hands to yourself at all times.

Dress appropriately and in accordance to The Aspire Group Dress Code.

Refrain from personal use of electronics during assemblies, class time, studies, and any other situation where an adult has asked electronics to be put away.  


Volunteer Commitment

The below is an example of our official documents for reference only. All members must read and sign the official document when signing up for classes. 

Volunteer Commitment

I understand that my role as a Parent Volunteer is a significant responsibility and will make it a priority.  I look forward to working with this team and, like the others, I:


  •  Support the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals of the organization and have fulfilled all requirements for membership.

  •  Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which I desire to model for children.

  •  Will offer my expertise and help to ensure the health and success of the organization.

  •  Will work with the volunteer team to create a fun and loving community and environment.

  •  Am committed to the students.

  •  If I am a part of Class Day Volunteers, I will contact an Aspire Group Program Director or Campus Lead if I must be absent, as well as my co-volunteer-workers.

  •  Will actively participate and communicate regularly with my co-volunteer-workers.

  •  Will treat adults and children alike with respect and Christian charity.

  •  Will respect the privacy of all group members and families.

  •  If I am a part of Class Day Volunteers, I will take the necessary time to prepare or help prepare for weekly lessons.

  •  Will be in faithful attendance to the classes, activities or events that my family has committed to.

  •  Will care for and return all equipment and curriculum provided.

  •  Will pray regularly for the students and families involved in The Aspire Group.

Article XIX. DRESS CODE A. Because we are representing Christ and The Aspire Group, let us strive for children and adults to wear modest attire that is appropriate for the activity.  If obviously immodest attire becomes a consistent issue with a member family, the Leadership Team and/or BARC will discuss the issue with the member family and reserves the right to revoke Program participation or Group membership, or take other disciplinary action. B. The length of shorts and/or skirts for adults (parents, teachers, etc.) as well as children (students and siblings) must be appropriate at all Aspire campuses, events, and activities.  The inseam of the shorts must be at least half the length of the distance between the crotch and the top of the knee cap. For example, if it is 6 inches between Sally’s crotch and the top of her knee cap then the inseam (distance between the crotch and the bottom of the shorts or skirt) must be no less than 3 inches.  In addition, clothing (such as shorts or skirts) must cover undergarments when one is sitting, standing, or bending. C. Shirts for adults and children must be long enough to ensure that when one raises 
their hands straight above their head no portion of the stomach/abdomen can be seen. D. For any activity requiring swimming attire, girls must wear a one-piece swimsuit or a two-piece if the midriff is covered (tankini).  T-shirts or cover-ups must be worn outside of the pool/lake/etc. for boys and girls.  E. For events such as formals, proms, and/or dances please see the dress code specific for that event.

Dress Code

Dress Code
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