Fruits of the Spirit

Student Social Community & Fellowship

We have a thriving student community at ASPIRE. Our family tree is steeped in fellowship and creating life long friendships!

Konnect Youth Events
Bible Study
Student Fun Days
Holiday Parties
Embark (5th & 6th grade)
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Here are just a few examples of the fun our students have with Aspire friends! These events are for students across ALL Aspire campuses unless stated.

  • Konnect Events for 7th - 12th graders

  • Embark Events for 5th & 6th graders

  • Youth Bible Studies for 6th - 12th

  • Aspire Prom

  • Impromptu Group Events

  • Holiday Parties for Konnect, Embark, and at each campus for Little Roots through 4th grade!

  • Student Clubs - Book Club, Jump Rope Club, etc.

Member Requirements for Student Community & Social Program Participation

To be a part of this Program, each Member Family must adhere to the following:

  • Choose the Student Community & Social options on the Member Family Registration Form

  • Be a fully vetted Aspire Member Family (all background checks passed, important docs signed, yearly fees paid)

  • Some Student Community & Social Events are completely put on by Aspire, but most of these optional events have a minimal cost

  • There will be specific commitment requirements for programs like Youth Bible Studies that will be communicated

  • The Community Team will add you to their private FB Group for more instructions on plugging into this program.

You'll notice trees as our group theme. This is no accident! *Psalm 1:1-3* 

We ASPIRE to walk with you and support you in every way possible with grace and guidance so that your family tree produces every good fruit of the spirit. 

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