The Aspire Group is a non-profit organization that exists to support families that educate one or more of their children at home. We strive to build a strong community of families that serve one another and "do life together" to support a two-fold purpose: raising "world changing" children and revising the cultural perception of

home education.

Education redefined.

We have 2 options of Campuses to join within Aspire. See them below...

Academy is our Core & Elective Class Campus. Academy offers full curriculum classes 1-2 days per week and you finish the homework our tutor provides at home the other days. Any of our classes can be added to a High School transcript for credit. This is a drop off option, or parents can volunteer for a discount! 

Aspire Cooperative

Our Cooperative Community is a TRUE Co-op. Meaning this fun and awesome day is put on by us parents in order to give our kids a taste of some really neat classes and allows them to make everlasting friendships as well which meets the need of the social aspect in homeschool life. 

Community focused.

Fruits of the Spirit
(Students Social Support)
Aspiring Hands
(Community Service)

Growth oriented.

Willow Program
(Special Needs)
Aspire Clubs
(Robotics, Archery, etc)

You'll notice trees as our group theme. This is no accident! *Psalm 1:1-3* 

We ASPIRE to walk with you and support you in every way possible with grace and guidance so that your family tree produces every good fruit of the spirit. 

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The Aspire Group