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We strive to be a grace-filled community of homeschooling families reflecting the love of Jesus Christ by building up, supporting, and encouraging each other and providing social, educational, and service opportunities for homeschooling children.

Our Mission

  • To provide support to Christian families who educate some or all of their children at home. 

  • To create a grace-filled community of Christian families with a strong passion to raise world-changers in the next generation. 

  • To change the cultural perceptions of home education and empower all families to follow the Lord's Will in education choices for their students. 


How We Work 

Leadership Board

Our Circle of


Area Leads
Executive Director
Program & Service Directors

Our process goes as such: 

  • The Members are our roots, from each we grow, learn, and become better.

  • Our Members report to the Area Leads which consist of those running the details on each Program.

  • The Area Leads report to the Program & Service Directors whom are in charge of each overall Program.

  • The Program Directors report to the Executive Director.

  • The Executive Director reports to the Leadership Board.

  • Like any successful Non-Profit, the Leadership Board always reports to and is ultimately responsible to the members.

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