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Aspire Clubs


Robotics Clubs

Aspire sponsors several Robotics Teams through First Robotics League. Sign-ups are typically in May. For more info please see our Robotics Page. From FLL to FTC teams, our kids have made a name for themselves and earned respect within the First Robotics League. We always welcome new students and are always in need of parents to volunteer as mentors to our students. The students do the majority of the work from planning their season to building robots and competing, but the mentors are there to provide gentle guidance or ask thoughtful questions. It truly is a team atmosphere. 


Art Club

Art Clubs are new to Aspire and more info will be shared soon. 



Aspire sponsors an Archery Team led by Brian Arneecher. It is geared for 4th-12th grades and the season runs from Oct-Feb. They meet at locations such as Tulsa Outdoors & Archery Outpost for practice and compete up to State Level. 


Chess Club

Chess Club typically meets once a month at a local Library to chat, learn, and play Chess. 

Holding Books

Book Club

Book Clubs are offered in Aspire for both kids and Mom alike. They are true to the typical book clubs where a book is chosen and then discussed on specified dates. 


Cycling Club

Cycling Club typically meets once a month to chat, & ride like the wind. 

Member Requirements

To be a part of this Program, each Member Family must adhere to the following:

  • Be a fully vetted Aspire Member Family (all background checks passed, important docs signed, yearly fees paid)

  • Any additional fees or supplies for the club paid on time. 

  • A GREAT attitude! We need volunteers to make certain things happen, so step up when it's your time and work together in ALL times. 

  • Keep in mind our policies and by-laws. These must be followed at any place or event whereas you represent Aspire or one of it's partnering clubs/facilities. 

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