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SouthEast Campus


Christian Family Center, Broken Arrow

Aspire loves this church partner! Christian Family Center is such a blessing to Aspire to offer their facilities and serve the homeschool families in the SouthEast Tulsa area! For more information on Christian Family Center please visit


Church Partnerships

As a homeschool group, we would like to partner with a church in both faith and action. With much gratitude for your generosity, we would seek to fulfill our mission of being a blessing to our partner church and its community in the following ways:


  • Serve our Partner Church – We are a large group of families that serve each other with our many talents and abilities and we would like to use those same talents and abilities to serve our partner church. We welcome all requests from our partner church for help with maintenance, administration, teaching, janitorial service, technology needs, and any other area where our group’s skillset can provide value to our partner church.

  • Serve WITH our Partner Church – As a group, we desire to serve the Lord through serving our community. We would count it an honor and a blessing to serve alongside our partner church in their community missions and ministries.

  • Gratitude in Action – We want our weekly presence to be a convenience for our partner church. We seek to do this in the following ways:

    • We commit to cover any costs deemed necessary by our partner church to cover our use of the facility.

    • We will have a love offering for the church at the end of the school year for each family to show their personal gratitude to our partner church.

    • We have each family and student sign a commitment stating their respect for and commitment to proper use of our partner church facility.

    • We will make it our priority to see that the cleanliness of the facility is maintained in an excellent way.

  • Ministry Opportunity for our Partner Church – We welcome any requests from our partner church for involvement in the cooperative. From invitations to partner church events to opportunities for partner church staff to speak to parents or students, we would love to accommodate any and all requests that allow our partner church to minister to our families.

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