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Willow Program - Special Needs recognized.

The Willow Program is specially designed for Aspire Special Needs students!!

For the 24-25 School Year, we only have Willow class options at our Discovery Campuses. Willow students will have some classes on their own, and some classes mixed in with their peer tree (grade) group. Each child who takes part in the Willow Class Options will need to be mom-led throughout their day. This is offered at every campus and has been a successful and fun way to include everyone while also paying attention to any special needs that arise.


Willow parents will receive needed support through Aspire Willow Communication groups, gatherings, and special panel sessions.


Many Aspire students will also take part in the Willow Friends part of our program. This will be a "buddy" program for our Willow students.  If your child wants to be a part of this, please check this option during Member Family Registration. This could be helping a Willow in PE, or simply being a reading buddy.


The Willow Program team also has a Partners and Resources list so that Aspire Members have a list of trusted resource recommendations for our group!

Member Requirements for the Willow Program Participation

To be a part of the Willow Program, each Member Family must adhere to the following:

  • Choose the Willow Program options on the Member Family Registration Form, and give details on your student for best placement

  • The Willow Program Director will give you a call to make sure that you will be aligned to the right schedule for your student's needs.

  • Be a fully vetted Aspire Member Family (all background checks passed, important docs signed, yearly fees paid)

  • If your student will take part in the Willow Class options during any Class Day, an adult family member will need to spend the entire day with your student

  • If your student would like to be a Willow Friend, please be prepared to give up at least ONE class hour during the Class Day to spend with your Willow Friend

  • The Willow Team will add you to their private Communication Group for more instructions on plugging into this program.

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