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Ticket Sales Closed

Our Fall Dance is always an amazingly fun time! The Party Crew is hard at work planning for an unforgettable night! Please see our rules for non-Aspire families, we only need a few things from you.


Read all rules and requirements below:

  • Fill out the online form and print your tickets

  • If your family is not an Aspire member family, then make sure you follow the additional instructions listed at the bottom of the rules and requirements page​

  • Start shopping! Come dressed in your best Vintage Hollywood Costume and win the following prizes:

    • 1st Place - $100

    • 2nd Place - $50

    • 3rd Place - $25


**We are super excited to see your costumes, but don't forget the attire rules for this event**

Ticket Sales Closed
Ticket Sales Closed
Ticket Sales Closed
Ticket Sales Closed


  1. Be respectful to the chaperones.

  2. Be respectful dancers.  No provocative dancing (bumping and grinding, vulgar dancing, etc)  Also, no Parkour or flips. You will receive 1 warning. The second time you will be asked to leave.

  3. Dress respectfully.  No inappropriate dress.  You will not be allowed into prom wearing any of the following:

    • Girls-no cleavage, No plunging necklines, no see-through areas, no cutouts, no miniskirts, open back can go as low as your natural waist sits (it however cannot impede the side in any way), no 2 pieces, no crop tops, no revealing slits up the side.  The length of the dress including slits must not be more than a dollar bills WIDTH above the knee. Try dancing in your dress to make sure you stay in it. You will need to take a picture of the front and back of your dress WHILE YOU ARE WEARING IT and text them to (918) 402-2730 so that it can be approved by our Aspire Fall Dance Committee. If you show up in a non-approved dress you will be asked to put on a T-Shirt, shorts or asked to leave

    • Boys-should wear dress clothes, collared shirts, tuxes, suits, and ties. No jeans or shorts, holey pants or t-shirts.  

  4. Be respectful of the facilities and others. No horsing around (ex: running around, no throwing food, no acting violently towards property, attendees, chaperones). No roaming around outside the boundaries of the venue. Please be good stewards. 

  5. No drug, alcohol, or tobacco use.

  6. Aspire Events are not the time or the place to express your sexuality. Aspire Leadership and Chaperones reserve the right to ask any attendee to leave due to behavior deemed inappropriate.

  7. Chaperones and organizers will not be held liable for injuries or pain and suffering occurring at, during, or because of the event.

  8. All ticket sales are final – Sorry - NO REFUNDS.

  9. NO UNDERCLASSMEN ALLOWED. This event is for 9-12th grades ONLY, no exceptions. 

  10. Most important … Come and HAVE FUN and Dance the night away!!

**Tickets are NON-Refundable


If your family is not an Aspire Member Family, you can still attend the Aspire Dance.  We just need ONE of the following:

  • A recommendation letter from an Aspire Member Family

  • OR a simple character reference email from anyone (non-family) who can attest to the student's good character.


Please send all recommendation letters via email to

**Tickets are NON-Refundable

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