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The Third Annual

Aspire Family Heart Hop


Join us for music, dancing, games and refreshments! This is a fun time for Mom and/or Dad and any homeschool students ages Pre-K (4yo) through 4th grade!  Attire is Sunday Dress and the cost is only $15 per family.


Read all rules and requirements below:

  • Fill out the online form, pay via PayPal, and print your tickets

  • This event is for Aspire Member Families ONLY!


  1. Be respectful to the chaperones and event attendees.

  2. Dress respectfully.  No inappropriate dress.  

  3. Be respectful of the facilities and others. No horsing around (ex: running around, no throwing food, no acting violently towards property, attendees, chaperones). No roaming around outside the boundaries of the venue. Please be good stewards. 

  4. No drug, alcohol, or tobacco use by parents or students.

  5. Chaperones and organizers will not be held liable for injuries or pain and suffering occurring at, during, or because of the event.

  6. All ticket sales are final – Sorry - NO REFUNDS.

  7. No students outside of the stated age range allowed. This event is for Pre-K through 4th grades ONLY, no exceptions. 

  8. Most important … Come and HAVE FUN!!

**Tickets are NON-Refundable

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