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Come join us for a night of

Embark & Flipline Valentines fun!


Read all rules and requirements below:

  • Fill out the online form below so we have you on our guest list and plan for your attendance.

  • This event is only for Aspire Embark & Flipline students (5th through 8th grades).  Each FLIPLINE (7-8th grade) attendee can bring 1 non-Aspire friend to the Valentines Dance, as long as that friend is within our age limit for Embark & Flipline (5th-8th grade). Embark students cannot bring a guest at this time. Thank you.

  • Please note & adhere to dress code & behavior rules below!


  1. Be respectful to the chaperones.

  2. Be respectful dancers.  No provocative dancing (bumping and grinding, vulgar dancing, etc)  Also, no Parkour or flips. You will receive 1 warning. The second time you will be asked to leave.

  3. Dress respectfully.  No inappropriate dress.  You will NOT be allowed inside wearing any of the following:

    • Girls-no excessive cleavage, no see through areas, no cut outs, no miniskirts, no very low backless, no 2 pieces, no crop tops, no revealing slits up the side.  The length of the dress including slits must not be more than a dollar bills WIDTH above the knee. 

    • Boys-should wear appropriate costume clothes with same rules as above. 

  4. Be respectful of the facilities and others. No horsing around (ex: running around, no throwing food, no acting violently towards property, attendees, chaperones). No roaming around outside the boundaries of the venue. Please be good stewards. 

  5. No drug, alcohol, or tobacco use.

  6. Aspire Events are not the time or the place to express your sexuality. Aspire Leadership and Chaperones reserve the right to ask any attendee to leave due to behavior deemed inappropriate.

  7. Chaperones and organizers will not be held liable for injuries or pain and suffering occurring at, during, or because of the event.

  8. All ticket sales are final – Sorry - NO REFUNDS.

  9. ONLY EMBARK & FLIPLINE STUDENTS ALLOWED. This event is for 5th - 8th grades ONLY, no exceptions. 

  10. Most important … Come and HAVE FUN and Dance the night away!!

**Tickets are NON-Refundable

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