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Family Membership Fees to join Aspire:

$75 per family, per year

Other Fees include Academy Program Fees, Discovery Program Fees, Class Fees & Athletics Fees:

*This is dependent on the Aspire Programs your family opts to be a part of.


Please see each Program page (or below) for that Program's requirements and fees. Our Discovery, Academic, & some Individual Classes all have separate fees in addition to the membership fee. We also have many discount options and monthly payment options for families.

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Elective Fees


These Discovery Program Fees are per YEAR:

  • Each Discovery Class is $100 per year for drop-off option, or $40 per year if a parent teaches or stays the full day to Volunteer.

  • Any class fees based on classes chosen will be in addition to the above general Discovery Program Fees. Class Fees are individually based and stated on the Class Descriptions. Class fees are paid directly to Teacher. 

  • In our system (Jack Rabbit Class), you will see the balance for the full year for your Aspire Fees that are due based on enrollment.  Payment instructions and payment plan options will be listed. Please note all special arrangements must be approved by our finance department.

  • You will not be allowed to attend the next semester at any campus until all prior fees are paid unless a special arrangement has been agreed upon by our Finance Dept. &/OR our Executive Director.


  • The following special arrangements can be made:

    • Discounts are given based on certain leadership & volunteer roles.  Please check with leadership if you are interested in fulfilling a need and qualifying for a discount on fees.

  • PLEASE NOTE: ALL payment arrangements must be approved by our Executive Director and/or Finance Department. So if you plan to participate in this arrangement please private message them to let them know and this way we can budget accordingly. ​

  • The Family Membership Fee and a Down payment of 5% of total yearly fees (not including discounts) due at registration with the remainder split into 10 additional monthly payments, the final payment due no later than April 1st.  Thus, your payments post down payment would be as such:

This is especially helpful if your family also attends both Aspire Academy & Discovery Classes. Please remit payments via Jack Rabbit or by bringing a check or cash by the Main Admin Office at East Campus.

  • The Aspire Group offers 4-5 fundraisers each semester for families to raise money to offset any Aspire Group related fees. When you participate in these family fundraisers, the funds are held for your family alone and may be used for your next semester Aspire Fees (does not apply to class supply fees). 


  • Scholarships are available!  To request consideration, please contact the Finance Committee by filling out the comment form HERE.


Fall Semester: *(10% of Balance)

  • 10% - July 1

  • 10% - August 1

  • 10% - September 1

  • 10% - October 1

  • 10% - November 1

Spring Semester: *(10% of yearly fees)

  • 10% - December 1

  • 10% - January 1

  • 10% - February 1

  • 10% - March 1

  • 10% - April 1


Click HERE to see details on Academy Class Fees.

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